Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is the way to go for sheer strength. It is the strongest type of common safety glass. It will take more impact in the face than other types of safety glass. When it is broken it shatters into thousands of small granules that fall out of the frame (making quite a mess!!!) and out of harm’s way. Toughened glass is more commonly used to replace old patterend glass with new patterned safety glass. Toughened glass comes in a wide range of patterns and tints that can be used in windows, shower screens and table tops. The only draw back to toughened is the security aspect. If it is broken it falls out of the frame leaving a point of entry to burglars etc. The trick here is to choose the right type of safety glass for the job!

Broken toughened glass in it’s granule – like form.

Toughened glass can also be used for balcony balustrades, timber doors and entry sidelights.