Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass is your best choice for security as well as safety. Simply speaking it is two peices of glass bonded together with a very strong interlayer. When broken, laminated glass stays intact (similar to the windscreen of your car) so no one gets hurt and the security of your home remains in place. Laminated glass should be your first choice for safety as well as security.

Two examples of how laminated glass stays intact after being hit with a hammer. Laminated glass is ideal for low level windows or in entry doors or sidelights. If you are considering building a house or extending your current house, you should seriously consider glazing with laminated glass. It’s the best choice for the safety of your children combined with better security. It comes in clear, tinted and patterned styles. It also offers the advantage of being readily available from our wharehouse, so if you break it down the track, we can replace it for you quickly, Laminated glass can also help to insulate your home against road noise and decrease your heating costs as well as being a stylish and modern choice.